Regreening the Planet with Water From Air


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We are a young, ambitious, high tech startup with a mission. Our technology is inspired by nature. By looking at plants and animals in dry coastal areas, we developed a temperature-sensitive smart material that collects water from a massive, untapped reservoir: the air around us. Allowing us to irrigate trees, make drinking water or dehumidify. Fully off-grid, without adding energy and affordable.

Our team currently consists of 5 people and we are expanding. Scroll down to find out more about what we do, our mission, what it's like to work with Sponsh and how you can be a part of our dream team.

Our Mission

To Provide Water From Air to 1 Billion Young Trees by 2040

We Are a High-Tech Green Company

As with nature, our technology is both highly complex chemistry and simple real-life application. The technology behind our material is based on 8 years fundamental research and two publications in 2013 and 2016 by dr Catarina Esteves in the highly regarded scientific journal Advanced Materials. See a video of how the material absorbs and releases water under the microscope. 

Catarina is also co-founder and chief scientist of Sponsh. After founding Sponsh to commercialise the innovation, we improved and scaled-up the material. Our technology is patent pending. We are still in the development phase and chemistry product development forms the core of our startup.

The potential applications of our technology are massive

Our patent-pending technology enables making drinking water in remote areas, irrigating crops when there are no other water sources or dehumidifying greenhouses with very little energy. Apart from these applications, we have been approached by many different industries, including diaper, air conditioning and LNG tank producers. 

Our first product is a water producing tree guard. To help young trees grow in areas where this is otherwise not possible. Regreening the planet with water from air

A diverse, dynamic and experienced team

We have a diverse team of different nationalities and gender. Our team members have skill sets ranging from hard core science, to product development, innovation, people management, commercial and serial entrepreneurship. We aim to work smart not hard, be a great place to work, achieve amazing things and have some fun along the way.

Meet the Team Members

Lourens Boot

CEO, CIO and co-founder

dr Catarina Esteves

Chief Scientist, inventor and co-founder

Kurt Hamming

CFO, CCO and co-founder

dr Alberto Belmonte

R&D Lead

dr. Pieter van der Scheer

Hydrogel and polymer researcher 

Mila Svechtarova


dr Jorrit de Jong

Product Developer

Our Locations

We have offices in Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands where our development takes place. We have another office in Ericeira, Portugal, for the link to our markets

Winner Accenture Innovation Awards

"What’s essential to both human nutrition as well as the value chain it supports? Our winner has a truly innovative product that replicates a natural process to support nature itself. They have gold in their hands – as either a product or producer of the source of life."

Jury chairman: Carl Nagle, Global Marketing Innovation Director at JDE

We Won Several Highly Regarded Startup Prizes

Finalist Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Challenge 2020

Finalist Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Prosperity Challenge 2019

Winner Water Innovator of the Year 2019

Winner Gouden Kiem Award for Most Innovative Chemistry Startup 2018

Winner Accenture Innovation Awards (Blue Tulip Awards) 2018

Winner ClimateLaunchpad Benelux and Audience Award Global Finals 2018

Winner EIT Food Innovation Challenge Portugal 2018

Finalist Rabobank Duurzame Innovatieprijs 2018

Double Finalist ASN Wereld Van Morgen Challenge 2018

Join Us and Make Impact

Regreening the planet with water from air